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Early Child Care and Development Program (CDP):-  GONESA has been running Early Child Care Development centers in the most vulnerable communities of kaski, Tanahun and Gorkha district. It has 23 ECD centers scattered in different slum community of Kaski, Tanahun and Gorkha.  Early child development centers play the vital role for emotional, social and physical development of young children as well for successful transition to school. Actually most of the slum community people depend on daily river work. If children don’t get early child development support they will go to the riverside along with their mothers or would be playing in the street, so it is very helpful for them who are more vulnerable.  Most of the centers are situated at slum areas and vulnerable places .Each center has capacity to accommodate 25 children. A total of 449 children are attending regularly in these ECD. Among them 2216 are boys and 233 are girls some of them 186 Janajati, 174 Dalit and 89 are others. It has 20 to 25 children capacity every center beside that the center has a management committee including of parents. They are support for right judge for selection process of children education.

There are two female facilitators. One facilitator is responsible for providing education and other for managing day meal and sanitation in the center. The center opens at 9.45 clocks every day. During the reporting period there are 377 children enrolled this year in these centers. All centers are successfully running. Children are learning by different method .They are learning thorough teaching materials, playing, listening, and observation. Beside that they build their confident from group work and group task and gradually they mentally prepared for schooling.

In addition to that parents have got leisure time which is used in productive work and they can reduce few financial burden of the family. GONESA is coordinating and collaborating with the government of Nepal as well NGOs to streamline the ECD.  During this reporting period 11 ECD centers have been recognized by government and Local CBO providing support to these centers.


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